This Survivor Had a Traumatic Breast Cancer Journey, But Finally Found Healing With a Tattoo

If breast cancer is going to leave a mark, why not make it beautiful? P.Ink, a foundation created by tattoo artist Noel Franus, matches artists with women across North America who have gone through mastectomies, to provide them with a unique way of healing in the form of beautiful tattoos.

In this video, a participant in one of the organization’s P.Ink Day events, Christine, shares her traumatic experience with breast cancer and how her tattoo from P.Ink has helped her to repair both the emotional and physical scars breast cancer left her with. During her breast cancer struggle, Christine lost her husband and both her breasts. She felt particularly upset because her breasts were what had fed her son, so she carried a great deal of emotional pain in her chest after her double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

Now, finally, this tattoo artist is helping her feel full and whole again in a way she never knew she could.

Check out the video to see her tattoo session in action and find out how Christine went from “a place of grief to a place of reclamation.”

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