Once The Wedding Guests Realized What This Mother And Son Were Up To, They Were Rolling In The Aisles!

The mother-son dance is usually a tearjerker, warming the hearts of friends and family with its sweet sway set to slow, sentimental music.

But Jared Dauenhauer and his mom, Mary, wanted to spin the time-honored wedding tradition in a new direction. Starting their mother-son dance in the customary slow dance style, the record skips and they break out into a lively and cheeky choreographed dance routine set to a medley of disco and rap music, delighting the surprised wedding guests. Their flawless dance is made even more impressive due to the fact that they had to practice over FaceTime, as Jared lives in Tennessee and Mary resides hundreds of miles away in Michigan.

What was the motivation behind the routine? Jared told his local news station, “We just tried to have fun with it. So it was kind of some of the stuff we seen in other wedding videos we seen online. And the rest of it was like how can I get my mom to try to dance hip hop.”

Watch their hilarious dance in the video below! >>

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