This Brave Mother Inspires with Her Poignant Breast Cancer Story

“Your body is tired. Your mind is tired. But you have to ask yourself to fight back.”

When Marquerite Tuufuli’s mother felt a lump in her breast, she knew immediately that it must be breast cancer. She wondered how she would tell her family and began praying for the strength to get through this difficult situation.

Luckily, her family was very supportive and comforting. Her daughter Marquerite made this video to document her journey. Her son’s wife was also pregnant at the time, giving her something wonderful to look forward to and fight for, as she was excited for the chance to meet her grandchild. Her own mother was also a breast cancer survivor for 26 years, providing hope for the possibility of someday being cancer-free.

“When they told me I’m a survivor, I was crying,” she says. “I’m just grateful that I’m here with my family.”

Learn more about this special woman’s breast cancer story in the video below.

Elizabeth Nelson

Elizabeth Nelson is a wordsmith, an alumna of Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, a four-leaf-clover finder, and a grammar connoisseur. She has lived in west Michigan since age four but loves to travel to new (and old) places. In her free time, she. . . wait, what’s free time?

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