This Kid Has Quite a Grip for a Little Tyke!

We all know the feeling, right? There’s that one last present you need to find, but you’re tired, maybe you’re hungry, and your ride is ready to go home. You know you’ll find it at this store, so you hold on to that cart with all your might, hoping to convince your party to stay just a bit longer!

They manage to pry your fingers off the cart for a brief moment, but you raise a fuss so they relent for a little while longer. They even leave you hanging there with just your thoughts, but they stand by you, just in case.

cart baby 1

EH, maybe we’re projecting a little too much onto this little cutie.

He likes that shopping cart though, doesn’t he?!? He’s got quite the grip for a little tyke, too! You do your thing baby, Dad’s watching out for you!

Take a look!

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