These Sisters Have Some Serious Pipes!

The bond between sisters runs deep. They’re sometimes our biggest rivals, but underneath it all they’re our biggest fans. They’re our partners in crime, and for most of us this means having a sidekick to ride bikes with, play pranks on our parents with, and, after we grow up, a sympathetic confidante to help us weather life’s ups and downs.

For Anastasia and Victoria Petrik, this sisterly bond led them to develop their immense singing talents together.

In this video from 2013, they appear at the Mikail Voronin’s Memory Concert in Kiev, Ukraine. Victoria, 16, and Anastasia, 11, walk onto the stage, take a bow and a deep breath, and then blow the audience away with their gorgeous rendition of the heartbreaking love song “Without You” by Badfinger.

Their performance is mesmerizing, and a great testament to the power of sisterhood.

Hear Anastasia and Victoria’s amazing vocals in the video below!

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