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My sister Jacalyn is a breast cancer survivor. She is a single mother of a child with Asperger disorder. For those of you unfamiliar with Asperger disorder, it is part of the Autism Spectrum. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, had one of her breast removed, underwent chemo and radiation, all while taking care of her daughter all by herself. My sister endured going up and down a huge flight of stairs to her second floor apartment every time she had to go back and forth to the doctors, the hospital, the clinics, the common laundry room in the middle of the apartment complex, the grocery store, and for all the other every day task that a mother would have to take care of outside of the home. Oh, and did I mention her boyfriend abandoned her and she didn’t own a car and had to walk back and forth to the stores and everywhere else she had to go that wasn’t medically connected. The only transportation she could get help with was from the med-van for her medical appointments. Those of you that have been through this fight for your life are familiar with the weakness, the vomiting, and the numerous other physical discomforts and problems that come along with this battle. She endured and fought her way through every obstacle this heartless disease put in front of her while cooking and caring for her daughter; while helping her daughter through her own struggles with her Asperger disorder. It pains me that I lived on the other end of the United States and couldn’t help her through her fight. Jacalyn is my hero, my inspiration, my beloved sister, an angel God put on Earth to show people what true love and courage are. I love you sis!!!!! Kathleen
Winder, GA

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