Reconstructive Surgery Brings Confidence to Survivors

Many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer end up having a mastectomy, in which one or both of their breasts are removed. This procedure helps prevent the spread of the disease, but it leaves some women feeling as though they are missing a part of themselves. As a result, women often undergo breast reconstructive surgery to regain confidence. In fact, a study conducted by the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that more breast cancer survivors have chosen this route recently than in the past. 

Looking at the data
Researchers compiled data to discover how many women underwent a mastectomy between 1998 and 2007. Of those women, they then looked to see how many went on to receive reconstructive surgery. The data showed that more women have decided to reconstruct over time.

Building confidence
Breast Cancer survivor Elizabeth Stower chose reconstructive surgery after her bout with the disease. According to USA Today, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 21. Stower underwent chemotherapy for almost a year, followed by six weeks of radiation on top of her mastectomy. As soon as she was on the mend, Stower opted to have stretchers placed in her chest to prepare her for reconstruction. 

“Now that I’m healthy again, that part of my body sort of signals health,” Stower told the source. “If I didn’t have reconstruction, it would be a permanent reminder that something was stolen.”

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