Minimize the Appearance of Mastectomy Scars with These Scar-Reducing Strips

When Carys Cao underwent her mastectomy, she was keen on making sure her scars didn’t stand out any more than they had to. The mastectomy experience was bad enough; she didn’t want to have to deal with hating her scars for the rest of her life, even though she believes they’re a part of who she is now.

So what’s a girl to do? In Carys’s case, a friend and her doctor both recommended a handy little tool that gradually reduces the appearance of scars over time.

YouTube/Rethink Breast Cancer
YouTube/Rethink Breast Cancer

It does take a little patience to use this method, but if you really hate the way your scars look, it’s totally worth it. Even if you’re just mildly uncomfortable with how your scars look, you can slowly start to erase them and feel better and better about yourself every day!

YouTube/Rethink Breast Cancer
YouTube/Rethink Breast Cancer

In this video, Carys shares a handy tip on how to make sure those scars fade effectively using scar-reducing strips. She’ll demonstrate how to use the strips and tell you where you can get them and when you can start using them.

Do you have any other tips for treating scars? Let us know!

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