She Was 24 When Her Mom Died of Cancer. Shortly Afterward, She Found Her First Lump

Stef Woods, a relationship and sex blogger, was diagnosed with stage I triple-positive breast cancer in 2010 at the age of 37. Her mother passed away from metastatic cancer of unknown primary origin just a few months after diagnosis, and that is what caused Stef to take such good care of herself and pay so much attention to her body, including her breast health.

Shortly afterward, Stef found her first lump. It was non-cancerous, but the lumps kept coming. She’s had 13 more biopsies since then for various lumps, so she and her doctors were not surprised when her diagnosis came.

Photo: YouTube/Breast Cancer Answers®
Photo: YouTube/Breast Cancer Answers®

And the cancer came with some treatments and side effects that Stef never imagined, including one that almost caused her to end her own life. Luckily, she had insisted that her doctor provide her with a cell phone number in case she had an emergency, and she had a good friend she could call to talk her through the issue.

In this video, Stef talks to Lisa Schneider-Cipriano, host of Breast Cancer Answers, about her cancer experience from start to finish. She shares how she dealt with the initial diagnosis, her treatment, and her emotional struggle.

This story is a difficult one, but it’s also one you should know about. It could even save a life. Watch the clip below to learn more about Stef’s experience.

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