You’ll Never Guess Who’s Dancing For A Cure!

IRB Barcelona (the Institute for Research in Biomedicine) is an international research center that aims to fight cancer, halt metastasis, and combat Alzheimer’s and diabetes. They have a staff of over 400 researchers, technicians, and support staff to help find cures for these diseases. And now, they’re adding something else to the world of research: a little rhythm and a whole lotta’ swag!

The way to beat cancer is to first understand it. With breakthroughs in cancer research happening all the time, we are getting closer and closer to a cure. According to the IRB, their sponsors will donate money for every view of this dance-tastic video, but there are also other ways to actively help fund cancer research!

Through community and support, we can beat breast cancer.

But, as research programs gain more and more momentum, they need our help more than ever.

There are many cancer research facilities in the U.S. that are focused on problems specific to breast cancer. Breast cancer can adversely affect woman’s bones.

Cancer treatment in particular can take a toll on bones, weakening them and putting women at a high risk for fractures. These women develop signs of osteoporosis which includes bone loss and bone pain. Dr. Catherine Van Poznak, from the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, is studying ways to diagnose, treat and prevent bone loss and discomfort among women diagnosed with breast cancer. You can donate directly to her research team through our Gifts That Give More program. Even a small donation can make a huge difference!

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The Mayo Clinic is also matching donations for breast cancer research up to $250K!
Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit organization and is one of the world’s preeminent tertiary care, medical research and education facilities. At its three locations in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota, Mayo Clinic thoroughly diagnoses and treats complex medical problems in every specialty.

Its Comprehensive Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Society designated cancer center with a national presence. Your donation is important to furthering the good that this organization is doing. Every moment counts in the fight against breast cancer and in the search for a cure.

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