Researchers Find Correlation Between High Cholesterol and Breast Cancer

A new study from Britain suggests that having high cholesterol levels may increase women's risk for breast cancer. Rahul Potluri, a researcher at the Aston University School of Medical Sciences in Birmingham, England, has reviewed medical records from over 600,000 women treated for breast cancer to determine the correlation between cholesterol levels and cancer risk.

Potluri says the data, taken from patients who received treatment between 2000 and 2013, suggests a 64 percent increased risk of breast cancer in women with high cholesterol. According to CBS News, further research would be required before this information could be acted upon.

"This is a preliminary study and further research is required before anything can be confirmed," Potluri told the source. "However, 10 to 15 years down the line, if further prospective studies confirm these findings, there is the possibility for a clinical trial of the use of statins in breast cancer."

Statins, which are used to treat high cholesterol levels, could be effective in treating breast cancer if the correlation between cholesterol and cancer risk was confirmed. Though Potluri's research still needs to be tested further, he stressed the importance of general fitness in reducing breast cancer risk.

"Women should know that there is strong consistent evidence that being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight can help lower their risk of developing breast cancer after menopause," Potluri told CBS.

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