Restaurant Opens Early For A 3-Year-Old Girl With Leukemia So She Can Eat Out With Her Family

It truly is the little things in life – the everyday things that we often take for granted – that are the most precious memories that we end up cherishing. If we are able to enjoy simple pleasures, such as going out to eat with our family, then we should consider ourselves lucky a hundred times over that we’re able to just pile in the car and go eat wherever we’re craving a bite. For one family in Texas, the luxury of getting to go out to a favorite restaurant as a family and enjoy a meal together is not always possible due to concern for their daughter’s health.

Adelaide Stanley is a 3-years-old living with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Ever since her July 2019 diagnosis, her family has had their world turned upside down as they battle with their daughter’s illness – they are constantly vigilant to keep Adelaide away from potential sicknesses. As a result, they’ve had to avoid public places, such as crowded restaurants, where she could come in contact with germs.

Her mom, Vanlam Nguyen, explained to Good Morning America, “A simple common cold would put her into the hospital. As a parent with a kid who has leukemia, I try to keep her in a bubble.”

Adelaide and her father, Jordan Stanley, were driving in the car once day, when they passed her favorite restaurant: J. Wilson’s in Beaumont, Texas.

The little girl pointed to the establishment and said, “Daddy, I want to go eat there today.”

Her father had to deny her, saying, “When you get better, we will.”

Nguyen had managed to get the heartbreaking exchange on her phone, and she shared it with her friends in a Facebook post. Feeling the mom’s anguish, some of her friends passed the video along to the restaurant’s owner, John Wilson. Wilson actually remembered the family often frequenting his restaurant.

As he recalled for GMA, according to Simplemost, “They used to come to brunch here all the time before she was diagnosed with leukemia. They had been in confinement pretty much since July.”

That is when Wilson made the choice to do something extra special for the family. He arranged for his staff to open the restaurant earlier than normal in order for Adelaide and her family to come in and enjoy a meal at one of their favorite, local restaurants.

The restaurant staff were sure to give the place an extra thorough clean in order to keep Adelaide as healthy as possible. They also decorated the family’s table in all pink – the little girl’s favorite color. Adelaide was also gifted a new pink hat from J. Wilson’s. She got to enjoy her favorite meal from the restaurant, which is scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits.

Wilson posted the sweet occurrence to Facebook and wrote, “We’ll take that smile all day every day!!!”

His kindness didn’t stop there – he also took care of the family’s bill. Simplemost states he told GMA that he was more than happy to do something nice and show his support for Adelaide and her family.

“Seeing her smile, just knowing we could give her a little sense of normalcy was great … it’s something we all felt fulfillment from,” Wilson said.

That is the kindness that this world needs more of.

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