Risk of Breast Cancer Lower in Older Women Who Are Active

Middle-aged women who participate in four hours a week of walking or other physical activity can decrease their risk of breast cancer by up to 10 percent. According to the Los Angeles Times, women must continue to be active{consider moving link to this anchor text} even if they're approaching menopause. 

The source stated that women who were active in their younger years but were no longer participating in physical activity will not see a drop in their risk of developing breast cancer. This information comes from a study that was conducted by a French team called the European Prospective Investigation Into Cancer and Nutrition.

During the study, 59,308 French women between the ages of 43 and 78 provided answers to health-related questions and behaviors from 1993 until 2005. Researchers then analyzed the data to determine if physical activity played a role in decreasing a woman's chances of breast cancer at this later stage in life.

Although weight gain after entering menopause was common in 69 percent of the women who participated in the study, it had no effect on a woman's breast cancer risk.

Sedentary women can have a one in 10 chance of preventing breast cancer in the immediate future by increasing physical activity levels to at least four hours of walking each week.

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