Teacher Dyes Hair, Beard, and Eyebrows Pink For Breast Cancer After Students Win Bet

The students at a high school in Spokane, Washington, were taking Breast Cancer Awareness Month seriously. Many of them were adding pink to their hair to support awareness. At the same time, they were gearing up for the school’s fall festival, which provides a safe trick-or-treat environment.

A social studies teacher, David (Robbie) Robinson, challenged them to bring more candy to support the festival. But Mr. Robinson’s students were ready to wheel and deal—they asked him if he would dye his beard pink if they brought in 20 pounds of candy. He agreed. But the students pressed their advantage—would he dye his hair pink too if they brought in 40 pounds of candy? Mr. Robinson pushed them a bit and said that if the students brought in 45 pounds of candy for the trick-or-treaters, he would dye his beard and his hair.

Photo: YouTube/NewsWorldTV
Photo: YouTube/NewsWorldTV

The bet motivated the entire school. Now that Mr. Robinson’s classes were provided with such a great incentive, other classes knew that they had to bring in more candy to keep up. Mr. Robinson’s seemingly silly gesture was filling the candy coffers to the brim! His students kept up their end of the deal and brought in 46 pounds of candy for the school’s event.

Mr. Robinson, being a man of his word and not above thinking pink, came to school with his hair and beard dyed bright pink. He went ahead and dyed his eyebrows pink too—he had to match, after all.

Photo: YouTube/NewsWorldTV
Photo: YouTube/NewsWorldTV

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Mr. Robinson said he was surprised that the color turned out so bright, and he and his students definitely shared some laughs. But it wasn’t all just for fun. His mother had passed away from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and he said that after the kids challenged him, he felt it was a shame that he hadn’t done anything to raise awareness. He was glad to have an opportunity to do so while motivating his students.

The pink-haired teacher said, “I believe that it is very important to recognize national breast cancer awareness; you never realize how important it is until you lose someone.”

Photo: YouTube/NewsWorldTV
Photo: YouTube/NewsWorldTV

We agree with you Mr. Robinson! Thanks for supporting the cause and keeping school fun for your students!

Watch Mr. Robinson Rock Pink Hair Below!

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