Survivor Shares What Mastectomy Scars May Look Like A Year After Surgery

Rocki is a breast cancer survivor who we admire greatly for her confidence, grace, and lack of judgement. She is truly a very special woman.

Rocki underwent a total bilateral mastectomy with sentinel node removal; she opted not to get reconstruction.

Screen Shot: YouTube

This video takes place a year after her surgery, and it’s intended audience is people who want to know what mastectomy scars may look like; whether you’re about to undergo a mastectomy yourself, or know someone who is.

Screen Shot: YouTube

“First let me say, if there’s anybody watching this who does not want to see my bare chest, please go ahead and click away now. But all it is is skin,” Rocki says in the video. “There’s no boobs, no nipples, just my bare chest. And I’m comfortable in my own skin, so I don’t mind sharing this.”

Thank you, Rocki! If you’re curious about mastectomy scars, take a look!

Screen Shot: YouTube

But first… beating breast cancer is a huge milestone, and many survivors like to share their mastectomy scars on social media, a choice that Facebook’s terms of service allows. In practice, however, many breast cancer survivors have experienced the shame and outrage of having posted a post-mastectomy photo only to have it flagged as inappropriate content and removed.

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