Pageant Queen Redefines the Importance of Breasts with This Humorous Presentation!

Allyn Rose’s self-deprecating humor can’t hide her beauty nor her passion for life. After losing her mother at 16 to breast cancer, this articulate, intelligent young woman went on to win the Miss District of Columbia in 2011 and compete in the 2013 Miss America pageant. Impressive accomplishments, indeed.

But Rose would tell you it is her work on behalf of breast cancer awareness that is her crowning accomplishment. She has learned something from her mother’s battle with breast cancer, and she wants to make sure she is around to experience everything she can of her life. Even if that means she has to do it without breasts.

In 2012, Rose underwent a preventative double mastectomy. Was this brave for someone who makes money solely from her looks? Absolutely. Still, in her TED talk, she urges all of us to rethink our long-held assumptions about the role of breasts to women, their partners, and the world at large.

Being a woman does not necessarily mean you have to have breasts. Rose’s talk will help you redefine the way you think about your body and your life.

Watch her inspiring story!

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