16 Survivors Rocked The Runway — And Empowered Women Everywhere

During New York Fashion Week in February of 2017, designer Dana Onofree of AnaOno intimates raised awareness for breast cancer in a beautiful way.

In total, 16 different survivors strutted down the runway as part of the Art Hearts Fashion Show, modeling AnaOno’s newest line of lingerie, Exposed. The models were in various stages of acceptance, reconstruction, and treatment, and to see the beauty and strength of each survivor represented so uniquely was unforgettable.

Some had implants, some had intricate tattoos running across their chests, and some rocked their scars with no type of reconstruction whatsoever.


They wore a mixture of lingerie and loungewear that covered their scars, exposed them, or did a little of both. Some wore tassels, some wore decorative chains, and some of them ditched their lingerie altogether as they strutted.

“We want to show that whether you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have a genetic marker, have breasts or have none, have visible scarring or even tattoos in place of nipples, it doesn’t matter. You are still empowered, strong and sexy!” –Dana


It was a beautiful display of pride and survivorship. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to grappling with post-diagnosis body changes, and the fashion show embodied that sense of individuality and sense of finding yourself.

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There was no consistent bodytype, no consistent type of reconstruction, and no consistent age (the youngest survivor was only 18)!

A couple of the women in the show have been featured on our blog before. Here’s a post about Brittney Beadle, who was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer at 18. And here are two different posts featuring Aniela: one about her photo shoot, and one about her experimentation with fake nipples.


Watch the full show below, and see if you can pick out Aniela and Brittney!

To learn more about lingerie made specifically for survivors, check out our posts here and here!

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