Sandra Lee Makes a Big Statement on the Red Carpet After Her Double Mastectomy

If you’re celebrity savvy, you probably know that the Emmys took place this past Sunday. And dazzling the red carpet for the first time since her double mastectomy was Sandra Lee. The celebrity chef used the occasion to celebrate her awesome news, which she announced to Good Morning America: after her battle with breast cancer, which included a post-surgical infection, she’s finally cancer-free!


For the occasion, she wore a stunning pink gown as a symbol of hope—not for breast cancer awareness, as you might think (she bought the dress before her diagnosis). She’d hesitated to wear it at first, thinking that the gown wouldn’t fit the top of her figure, but then she decided to wear it as a message: women are more than just their bodies. As she confided to Good Morning America,

I just want to say it doesn’t matter if you’re a DD, which I was, or an A, which I am. Women are not just about their boobs, which is a statement I was making when I wore that dress.

During the Emmys, Lee also paid homage to Jackie Collins, who passed away from stage IV breast cancer this past Saturday.

“It is a true testament to the non-negotiation with cancer, regardless of the stage,” she said in an interview, referencing a New York Times article that questioned the necessity of early intervention—a position she disagreed with. She attributes her own recovery to the fact that her cancer was caught and treated early.

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And now she’s doing great. “I don’t even know how to feel anymore,” she said. “I feel so young and liberated.”

A huge congratulations to Sandra Lee! Here’s hoping that her cancer will stay away for good.

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