Ellen’s Guest Is Only 18 — And She Will Amaze You!

What were you doing when you were 18 years old? As Ellen will reveal in the clip below, she was selling vacuum cleaners. And even though you might have been doing something more exciting than that, we’ll bet it’s not anything like what the lovely young lady in this video is doing!

Sara Sakowitz is not your average college freshman. While most of her peers are out partying, she’s been putting in long, hard hours seeking something many of us have spent a lifetime hoping for.

When she was just nine, Sara had a cousin die from breast cancer. The experience stuck with her, and her passion for science grew.

Amazingly, it looks as if she has already developed a treatment for breast cancer!

The best part? She didn’t even know she was going to be on Ellen that day. She thought she was just there to watch the show! But she does an amazing job handling this surprise.

Learn more about this incredible young woman and her amazing breakthrough in “turning on” genes that might be able to block the growth of cancer!

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