Putting the ‘Fun’ in ‘Functional’: 21 Knockout Scarf Knots

As temperatures continue to drop, we’re all struggling to stay warm. However, that doesn’t have to mean we have to abandon our sense of style! We’re loving scarves this season, and we’ve compiled a list of 21 different ways you can express your unique fashion sense by styling your favorites to fit your outfit and your mood. Added bonus: there are plenty of awesome takes on our favorite accessory that will carry your wardrobe straight through the warmer months.

21. The Scarf Tie

The Scarf Tie, an ultra-feminine take on a classic masculine style, looks extra fashionable!

20. The Bow Tie

Quick Tip #1 Using a scarf with a fun print, like the featured Festival Dogs Lightweight Scarf, prevents this style from looking too cutesy. Get yours here!

19. The Fake Knot

Learning the Fake Knot is a great way to add a touch of polish and class to your ensemble.

18. The Layered Knot

The Layered Knot is the trendy cousin of the fake knot. Bonus: If you’ve mastered the fake knot, this youthful look is easy to achieve.

17. The Double Knot

16. The Shawl

This classic offers refinement to your look, while being versatile enough to be dressed up or down.

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15. The Crossed Shawl

For added style and a more finished look, try this version of the classic shawl.

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