The SCAR Project Is “Raw and Unflinching,” And You Need to See It

While breast cancer usually strikes older women, younger women also face this disease. But not enough attention is being given to this terrifying issue. David Jay is working to change that.

The fashion photographer first got the idea for the project shortly after he found out that a friend and young model he knew had breast cancer. Together, they decided to do a small photography shoot using her as a model. Word spread to other women with breast cancer, and Jay began doing a larger photo series involving several young women with mastectomy scars. And so the SCAR project was born.

The SCAR Project aims to show the painful realities of women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer. One of the main goals is to show other young women with breast cancer who feel like they don’t fit in anywhere that they are not the only people in their situation.

These powerful portraits capture the beauty and pain of survivors in a moving collection. Learn more about Rethink Breast Cancer and the SCAR Project and see the powerful images in the video below.

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