Screw Spring Cleaning! Here’s How To Get It Done Without Turning Into Mary Poppins

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3. Delegate.

A big mistake many people make when they set out to tackle spring cleaning is that they don’t think to enlist help. Ultimately they end up wasting time with projects that aren’t necessary or could be done by someone else. Don’t do all of the work yourself! Wrangle the whole family to chip in.

I know what you are thinking. It might seem easier to do everything by yourself than try to get your family on board. Try turning it into a game! Throw on some music (see below) or establish a family reward when the work is done.


4. Crank up the tunes.

Turn on a favorite podcast, audiobook, or radio program to keep your mind happy while you get to work. You’d be surprised at how fast time will fly with your brain occupied. If you’re getting the kids involved, why not create a fun family cleaning playlist to get them excited? Have everyone choose 4 or 5 songs and play them on shuffle. Everyone gets their chance in the spotlight when their song gets played, and the anticipation makes for a super fun family bonding activity!


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