Seattle Tattoo Artist Helps Women Heal By Turning Scars Into Beautiful Works Of Art

Some people look down on tattoos while others are thrilled to see people covered in tattoos. And while getting a tattoo is a very personal choice, it’s interesting to note that there are more reasons to get one than just for fun or as a conversation piece.

All tattoos tell a story, but did you know they could also help a woman heal from cancer? Did you know they could increase the awareness surrounding cancer and other illnesses? Did you know they could change lives in this meaningful way?

Award-winning, Seattle-based tattoo artist Madame Vyvyn Lazonga has been artfully inking the city’s citizens since 1972, but more recently developed a new and compassionate specialty: tattooing over the mastectomy and reconstruction scars of breast cancer survivors.

Many women find that this sort of cathartic adornment helps them overcome the emotional obstacles associated with their surgical scars.

In this clip, Lazonga’s client Kim discusses the decision to have her post-surgical scars tattooed and why she viewed it as an essential component of her recovery.

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