This Space Robot Technology Will Change the Way You Get a Biopsy

Advancements in the medical field can come from the most remarkable places!

We’re so lucky that there are people in the world who are innovative enough to not only make technologies as important as this one but also apply them to other areas of human life.

When the scientists who build the Canadarm were hard at work, do you think they were thinking about detecting breast cancer? Probably not, but we’re glad someone was!

The technology that first build the Canadarm of the International Space Station is now being employed by the Centre for Surgical Innovation and Invention to create a robot, called IGAR, which works inside an MRI scanner to perform biopsies with pinpoint accuracy, analyze them and treat early tumors without open surgeries.

This product could revolutionize breast cancer detection and treatment. You’re definitely going to want to see it at work in the video below.


Learn more about IGAR (Image-Guided Autonomous Robot) in the video!

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