Daughter Reacts Adorably to Her Dad Sneaking a Bite of Her Ice Cream

They say that food becomes much more delicious when shared with others. But you have to admit, there are moments when sharing food can be against your will — most especially your favorite food. There are times when you can be selective about the people you share your food with or the types of food you’re willing to share. Certain moments also happen when the food is so good that you can’t wait for other people to taste it. A little girl just showed these phases of sharing food in a video on her father’s social media account.

Charlie Bea is the two-year-old daughter of American-based comedian Austin Geter. He conducted a short experiment to know his daughter’s reaction as he snuck in for a bite of ice cream. The experiment was to know the type of food lover his daughter is — the one who loves to share or someone who would protect their food more than anything.

Austin shared his little experiment on Instagram via Reels. In the video, you will see that even before Austin gets a scoop, his lovely daughter sweetly says, “Daddy, you can try it.” After taking a bite, Charlie even asked her dad if it tasted good. The cute interaction between father and daughter is getting attention on the internet. Ever since Austin uploaded the video, it has already gained 3.6 million views and 312k likes. Who wouldn’t be captivated by a sweet and well-mannered little girl?

Charlie seems to be the main star of her dad’s Instagram account. Half of the posts Austin has shared on the social media platform are videos of his daughter. The father can’t help but share the sunshine Charlie gives off in every video.

Another reel about sharing food was also uploaded on Austin’s Instagram. It is hilarious and the total opposite of the ice cream sharing video this time. She was eating a rice meal in the video when Austin asked for a bite. Charlie was nice about it, but what makes it funny is that she only gave one grain of rice to her dad. She loved her rice meal so much that even her dad couldn’t have a big portion. It seems like Charlie is selective with the food she shares.

People can definitely relate to Charlie, and she is effortlessly funny. Austin’s daughter is a ray of sunshine, and you can watch more of her on his Instagram account. Humor undoubtedly runs in their family.

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