Showing Support for Husbands and Partners of Breast Cancer Patients

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Breast cancer doesn’t only affect the person with the disease. A diagnosis is a life-changing event for the entire family. How do husbands or partners deal with the news themselves and learn how to support their spouse? A few support groups targeting the spouses of breast cancer patients are trying to answer that question.

“I think it would be good for men who are going through this to have a place to call if they just need to talk,” Alton Doyle told the Shelby County Reporter. “I want men to be able to pick up the phone and know there is someone there for them and that they are not the only one going through this.”

Doyle’s wife underwent a double mastectomy for breast cancer. He started ManUp to Breast Cancer as a means to help himself and others deal with the range of emotions that come with having a spouse going through this type of journey.

Additionally, the HealthCentral website has a section that helps partners and husbands of breast cancer patients. It documents a variety of stories and offers a guide to getting through the first couple days after a diagnosis.

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The Breast Cancer Site is a place where supporters and survivors come together to help fight breast cancer. In addition to sharing personal stories of hope, shopping for the cause, and signing petitions, visitors can take just a moment each day to click on a pink button to provide free mammograms for women in need. Visit The Breast Cancer Site and click today - it's free!
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