Seriously, People Say The Craziest Things When They Hear Someone Is Going Through Cancer!

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Taking a cue from a popular internet meme, breast cancer survivor Jenny Saldana presents a hilarious video compiling some of the crazy things she heard during her diagnosis and treatment.

Some of them will make you think, “Yep! Heard that!” and some will make your jaw drop and think, “Someone said WHAT to her?!”

Saldana’s video packs a punch not just because of what she’s saying, but how she’s saying it. From the slightest lip curl, to a dismissive eye roll, to gasps that precede an obnoxious question, Saldana nails the variety of reactions that an admission of having cancer can incur. Even the most well-meaning of friends can say something that makes us need to close our eyes and count to ten before responding!

This video is hilarious, but also sobering, because it points to a larger issue: the way people talk about cancer. Seriously, ladies and gents, we need to stop the spread of myths surrounding breast cancer, and stop the blame. Deodorant didn’t cause your breast cancer; you did not get breast cancer just because you didn’t breastfeed. C’mon!

Take a look — and spread the word!

(Note: the only inappropriate four-letter word used in this video is on the title page of the video.)

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