Little Girl Sings To Her Mom Battling Cancer, And It’s Heartbreaking

Dianna is a young mother who has been battling stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma since Christmas Eve of 2013. Her 4-year-old daughter McKenna has been a huge inspiration to her mommy, and loves to sing for her.

In the video, McKenna is singing to her mom on a small stage inside a tent. Though the video doesn’t give us a clear view of McKenna’s face as she sings, we can see the reaction on mom’s face all too clearly, and it’s heart-wrenching. There is so much love between mother and child. In between dabbing at her eyes, Dianna sings along with her daughter, and gives her a big hug at the end.

When the recording surfaced of this little sweetheart’s performance of Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It,” it caught the eye of talk show host Ellen Degeneres. She posted it to her Facebook page as well as her channel EllenTube. The response to the video was incredible. Over 28 million people saw it, and when Donna’s mom Dee Silvernail commented on Ellen’s Facebook post, her comment was liked and replied to thousands of times. She wrote:

“Ellen DeGeneres, I am the Mother and Grandmother of these precious girls. I have not seen a smile on my Daughters face in almost two years . She was Diagnosed with Stage 4s Hodgkin Lymphoma “specialty” a very rare form on Christmas Eve 2013. McKenna sings this song to her Mommy EVERYDAY! She is the main reason she fights to live and beat this battle. Thank you for sharing her video, she finds comfort in the support from all who have left loving messages. God Bless you all.”

After witnessing the powerful response to this sweet family, Ellen brought them on her show, of course! McKenna sang with surprise guest Martina McBride, and everyone got teary-eyed. We wish the best for this lovely little family!

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