This Baby’s Laugh Is Hilariously Disturbing!

Ok, so it’s actually in slow motion. But we can’t stop laughing along with this adorable baby! Honestly, doesn’t it sound like some strange second-rate villain from a terrible movie?!? The longer it goes on, the funnier it becomes. And yes, it’s a little disturbing at first, but watching the expression of sheer joy on the baby’s face is just the best!

slo-mo laugh

Although, admittedly, we want to flick that little piece of food off of the baby’s face. Now you’re watching for that, aren’t you? Sorry. But in a way, that makes baby even more adorable. Because really, haven’t we all laughed at (or along with) someone with food on their face? It can’t be just us, right?

Side note – if you can find a way to speed up the video even halfway, it’s even more funny! Take a look at the video and hear for yourself!

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