A Child’s Snowboarding Song Full of Wisdom Beyond Her Years

Wearing a cute dinosaur outfit, four-year-old Aubrin Sage faces the thrills and challenges of snowboarding by singing a song to calm herself.

“I won’t fall…

Maybe I will…

That’s okay…’cause we all fall.”

It was a song that quickly captured the hearts of millions.

Posted by her dad on Tiktok, the video of Aubrin’s snowboarding adventure has evoked smiles and many inspiring commentaries. Some people even shed tears.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

True to her song, Aubrin fell.

But the child picked herself up and started snowboarding again on the favorite path she shares with her dad.

“Let’s go down this big old hill…” she continued singing, followed by shouts of joy as the four-year-old sailed smoothly along on the powdery snow.

Then she fell again, and right on her face this time. Her dad teased her by asking what kind of dinosaur she was, to which Aubrin responded, unfazed by her situation, “Powder-saurus!”

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

She is now the world’s most favorite snowboarding dinosaur.

Little and wise, Powder-saurus loves the outdoors like her mom and dad and younger brother, who is only a year and a half old.

Robert and Samantha Sage are raising their kids in what seems to be an unconventional way. But Robert explains it in an Instagram post:

“I believe a well-rounded and diverse childhood is important to cultivate confident, capable, and compassionate adults. Our children will be able to choose their own path through life soon enough, but right now, Samantha and I are just here to share as broad of an introduction into life as we can and have as much fun as possible doing it.”

@chasing.sage An over-ambitious family winter outing to sleep in a glass cabin in the sky. #adventurefamily #wholesome #snowshoe #familytime #childhoodunplugged ♬ original sound – chasing.sage

Fun, surely their kids are getting that! And wisdom beyond their years, too.

Someday, Aubrin and her brother will experience triumphs and falls in their life’s journey. But having learned courage and resilience at an early age, chances are they can overcome misfortunes and challenges with a strong spirit and a gracious heart.

Written by Doris De Luna

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