Social Media for Breast Cancer Patients, Survivors and Supporters

A support group of friends and family can do wonders to help the morale of someone going through breast cancer treatment. However, sometimes patients and survivors need to connect with people who have gone through similar battles.

The social network My Breast Cancer Team was started to fill the need for breast cancer patients and survivors to share experiences and offer tips to help make their journey easier.

Just like other social media platforms, there is an activity page that serves as a dashboard where women share the bulk of their content. Additionally, users can filter connections through geographic location and diagnosis. Also, there is a database of questions and answers submitted by users. The pinboard feature allows women to share images, recipes and more.

The website I Had Cancer connects survivors of a variety of cancer forms to exchange stories. Current patients and supporters can also join the community of more than 10,000 users. The website operates as a discussion board for people to connect. The network also offers users a place to write open letters addressed to their cancer to write uplifting messages about how they overcame the disease.

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