Sofia Vergara Is Using Her Fame to Encourage Her Fans to Get Mammograms

It is so important to get mammograms at the recommended times so that you can make sure you’re catching breast cancer early and getting your treatment plan on track before the cancer has a chance to grow and spread much. But so few women actually do get their yearly mammograms.

Perhaps for some the problem is the fear that something will show up on the mammogram. For others it may be a simple lack of time in their busy schedules to go to the doctor. But there are some people in this world, including a few famous ones, who know exactly how important it is to get a mammogram.

Photo: Instagram/sofiavergara
Photo: Instagram/sofiavergara

Sofia Vergara, one of the stars of the popular show Modern Family, is one of those people who knows mammograms are an absolute necessity, no matter how fearful or busy or whatever else you are. So she’s using her fame, particularly her social media presence, to encourage her fans to get their yearly mammograms.

Sofia went to her doctor for a mammogram herself and made sure to stop for a few quick photos to post on Instagram to remind everyone to get theirs done too. If that doesn’t do the trick, what will?

Photo: Instagram/sofiavergara
Photo: Instagram/sofiavergara

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