Son’s Final Dance With Mom Will Bring You To Tears

There are many moments that we will remember about our wedding. In fact, it is one day that we will tend to keep in mind for the rest of our lives.

On that day, we want everything to go as perfectly as possible but there are going to be times when things are not bright and cheery. They are still there to remind us of those we care the most about, and that is certainly the case in the video we have for you below.

Photo: YouTube/Kristie Manning

One of the special moments that we experience during the wedding is the time that we are dancing. We have the first dance between the bride and the groom but we also have a dance between the groom and his mother and the bride and her father.

These are moments that are celebrated for many different reasons, and they often are the ones that bring us to tears. That is especially true, however, in the dance that we have below.

Photo: YouTube/Kristie Manning

It took place when a groom was on the dance floor with his mother. This wasn’t just a special dance that occurred at the wedding but rather, it was one that would really be special on a different level as well.

You see, the groom’s mother, Mary Ann Manning, was dancing with her son for the last time. She had cancer, and it was only three days after the wedding that she would pass away.

Photo: YouTube/Kristie Manning

In the video below, Kristie Manning said that Mary Ann held on with all of her might because she wanted to give the special gift to her son. It was the last gift that she would give him and it really shows the power of the love a mother has for her children.

This is a moment that was beautiful for everyone in attendance. It will also be beautiful for all who see this video:

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