This Girl Teams Up With Spider-Man to Save the City in the Cutest “Make-a-Wish” Ever

When it comes to Make-a-Wish programs, lots of kids choose to go somewhere—oftentimes Disney World. But when this six-year-old resident of Edmonton was asked what she wanted through the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, she chose something that was equal parts cool and adorable: become a superhero.

Mable Tooke was diagnosed with leukemia when she was four years old. In the midst of her treatment, she developed a fascination with vintage Spider-Man comic books. She found she could relate to the Marvel superhero; he was a person who had radiation in his blood, just like her.

So when she got the opportunity to do anything through Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, she decided to meet Spider-Man and fight crime alongside of him as a heroine named Spider-Mable.

Her request was granted in the coolest way possible.

She woke up one morning to see a fake—yet deadpan serious—news broadcast about the Edmonton Oilers hockey captain, Andrew Ference, who’d been “kidnapped” by an evil villain.

“The mayor is pooling his resources together; he’s going to bring in as many investigators as he can to get on this case,” a police officer said. “But I think if Spider-Mable is out there, and you get this message, if you can come down to the mayor’s office and be a part of that team and lead us toward safety in getting our captain back.”


From there, she dressed in her superhero outfit and received her mission from the Edmonton mayor. She then flitted around the city in search of the bad guy, aided by an array of police officers and a person dressed as Spider-Man. Together, they cornered their suspect, Mysterio at the local zoo, and Spider-Mable vanquished him with a stream of what appeared to be pink silly string.

“I’ll get you for this, Spider-Mable!” Mysterio roared as police carried him into their van.

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This story is striking—not just because an adorable girl got to save her city, but because so much effort and work was placed into making it happen and making it the coolest, most realistic experience possible. One thing’s for sure: Spider-Mable wasn’t the only hero that day!

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