A Cleaning Hack That Removes Grease In Under A Minute – Reliable Or Not?

Plastic containers, mostly known as Tupperware, are a pain to clean.

Before I rant about the hassle of removing grease from plastic containers, did you know that Tupperware is actually a brand? Tupperware simply became the general term for any reusable plastic container where we usually store our food, much like how Jacuzzis and Band-Aids became common terms but are actually brand names as well.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Kate Trifo

Anyway! As I was saying, cleaning greasy plastic food containers is a pain. I waste a huge amount of dish soap, shake the container until my arms hurt, and hope that the grease comes off easily as I scrub the soap in afterward. My last resort, I’m ashamed to admit, is that I whine and ask others to do it for me. I’m not spoiled, mind you, this is just the one thing I actually have trouble with whenever I’m doing the dishes.

Now TikTok saves the day once again, because a TikToker posted a video and shared a simple cleaning hack that will only take a few seconds, and you wouldn’t even need to use a sponge, it looks like.

TikToker Ekin Görür demonstrates how she cleans a messy butter dish in just under 40 seconds, and the hack went viral with almost 14M views.

“Water, dish soap, and a kitchen towel are enough to wash out the grease in plastic containers,” the caption said.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Nathan Dumlao

So you just have to rinse out your greasy plastic container first with some water, put some dish soap in there and a little bit of water again, tear off a piece of paper towel and put it in the container, add some more soap and water, put on the lid, and then shake it all up.

Once you’ve shaken it up enough, pour out all the contents in the sink, rinse with water, et voila! Your plastic container is now clean.

The hack is not perfect, I’ll tell you this now, but at least it gets the most messy part done in a few seconds. Watch it below.


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♬ orijinal ses – Ekin Görür

You can see that there is still something greasy on the side of the container, so you’d still need to use a sponge in the end to thoroughly clean the dish.

Someone commented under the viral hack that you should just use a sponge to save time, but another countered that red sauce stains plastic containers, and doing this hack helps remove the stains immediately.

Another person stands by this hack and said that it works, but unfortunately not on old stains.

The logical thing to do if you decide to use this hack is that you should still use a sponge after. Also, using warm water as you wash the dish would help remove the grease.

Finally, absolutely do not throw away your plastic containers and buy a new one just because it’s greasy, like another TikToker commented.

What’s your verdict on this one? Will you be trying out this hack, or are you going to stick with using the good old sponge?

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