Escaped Therapy Animal Manages To Jump Over Fence To Take Itself On A Stroll In England

Want to go on an adventure? Give me a sec while alpaca my bags!

PHOTO: Unsplash/Gibbon FitzGibbon

You’d probably guess from the pun (and the title, of course) that this article is about alpacas. Well, just one particular alpaca this time around.

An alpaca has caused quite a commotion in the busy streets of Birmingham, England.

The adventures of the alpaca have been documented by some people, and one video went a bit viral on Instagram. They mislabeled the fluffy creature as a llama in their caption though.

Alpacas and llamas are often confused with each other, which is understandable, really.

Anyway, the alpaca roaming the streets of Soho was said to have escaped from a school down the road for a show and tell, commented one user. This was eventually proved to be false, as the alpaca, who actually did live in a school field, has now been identified as a therapy animal for a community-based charity called the Newbigin Community Trust.

The fluffy alpaca is actually named Angel. Appropriately named, if I do say so myself, as she is a therapy animal. Her owner, Anji Barker, said that the alpaca jumped the fence of the school field that day.

“Angel escaped from one of three fields we keep her in by jumping over a fence while she was pregnant. She pretty much went straight through a bush, and off she went for a jolly up the Soho Road,” said Anji when asked about the incident. She added that “anything could have happened to her. But alpacas spit or sit down if they are stressed, and I saw the footage, which reassured me because it looked like she was having the time of her life.”

Thankfully, it looks like authorities were able to get Angel safely back home, as seen in Newbigin’s post above. Anji further stated that Angel is quite used to the busy city street, as she takes all three of their alpacas for a walk sometimes, and that this incident is unfortunate but it’s a one-off event.

“They are well cared for and bring a lot of joy to a deprived community,” said Anji about Angel and the other alpacas in their care.

Since Angel is pregnant, let’s hope she won’t think of taking a stroll by herself again. Want to see what her baby might look like? Read the article here to see how surprising a baby alpaca looks.

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