10 Ways to Live a More Stress-Free Life (That Don’t Require a Trip to Bermuda)

7. Help someone else

Helping someone else can be as simple as listening to their problems or perhaps offering some assistance with a simple task. The person you offer could help might be another cancer patient you sit next to in the waiting room, someone in your family, a friend, or a perfect stranger you meet while you’re out and about. No matter who it is or what you’re able to do for them, paying attention to someone else for a while will help you stop focusing on your own worries, make you feel useful and needed, and allow you to give someone else the support they need.

Photo: Adobe Stock/highwaystarz
Photo: Adobe Stock/highwaystarz

6. Turn on the media

Many people use television, radio, or other media channels as a way to unwind after a long day and forget about the difficulties of daily life. One of the best things about this method is that there’s such a wide variety of media to choose from! You might listen to some calming or invigorating music. Perhaps you’ll choose to watch a stand-up comedy routine for that laugh therapy you’ve been needing. Or maybe a drama or horror film is just what the doctor ordered to captivate your attention and keep your mind off cancer. Whether you’re going out to a movie with friends, taking a date to a live show, or just cuddling up in a stack of blankets on the couch, you’re sure to find your stress melting away in a matter of minutes.

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