Study: Blueberries may prevent aggressive form of breast cancer

As plants begin to flower and bloom and bear fruit after the recent April showers, doctors are advising women that one fruit in particular could be a delicious weapon in the battle against breast cancer.

Researchers at the City of Hope Hospital in California have recently reported that the phytochemicals found in blueberries could prevent the spread of triple-negative breast cancers, which typically can’t be treated by other targeted therapies, ABC News reports.

The investigators noticed that when they applied blueberry extracts to cancer cells in the laboratory, the fruit seemed to stop the growth and spread of a malignant tumor.

Dr Lynn Adams, a City of Hope research fellow, said that the positive effect on the animals in the study occurred after they invested about two cups of blueberries each day.

“We actually believe that it’s a combination of all the different phytochemicals in blueberries working together that aid in increasing its activity,” Adams told the news source.

She added, “We want to give people every weapon in the arsenal that we can to help the prevention and reoccurrence [of breast cancer].”

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy are currently the most common treatments for breast cancer patients, according to

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