Peaches May Slow Breast Cancer Growth, According to Study

Doctors always tell you to eat your fruits and vegetables, and this study only makes that suggestion more poignant. Researchers from Washington State University and Texas A&M published their findings in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, reporting that that peach extract can inhibit breast cancer cells’ ability to grow and spread (a process called metastasis).

Giuliana Noratto, a Washington State University assistant professor of food science, worked with colleagues to conduct the study. The researchers studied mice that were given a strain of breast cancer and tested the effects of peach extract on cancer growth. Scientists first implanted aggressive breast cancer cells beneath the mice’s skin. Then they monitored their subjects as the peach extract they were given apparently slowed the metastasis of their cancers. The researchers believe it could do the same for humans.

“We didn’t even think about metastasis at that time,” Noratto said in a statement. “The surprise was we analyzed lungs, and, beside the fact that the peach compounds inhibited the growth of the tumor, they also inhibited the metastasis levels on the lungs.”

Photo: Flickr/Wall Boat
Photo: Flickr/Wall Boat

Noratto noted that the concentration of peach extract that was effective on the mice would be equivalent to eating two to three peaches a day for people. While Noratto and her team haven’t exactly promoted peaches as a breast cancer treatment option, they do note that eating a healthy diet is important for preventing cancer.

So go grab a peach or two (and some other healthy options) and keep yourself healthy!

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