If You’re A Breast Cancer Survivor, These Oh-So-Familiar Phrases Will Make You Laugh. This Video Is Spot-On!

Conceived and rendered in the spirit of this popular YouTube theme, this clip will induce laughter through familiarity, be it via wig-shopping adventures or remembering to take Tamoxifen.

These women are downright hilarious as they act out things they’ve gone through during or after their battles with breast cancer.

There’s something so comforting and cathartic about being able to share common experiences with someone who’s going through something similar to you. If you’ve ever been in any of these situations, you’ll definitely be nodding along and rolling your eyes.

The video starts out silly and fun, but right in the middle, things take a turn toward the serious. The video becomes a reminder that a scar means “I survived” and that getting checked regularly is key to early diagnosis and survival.

If you liked, loved, or laughed during the video, please share with your friends and loved ones to raise breast cancer awareness and spread comic relief.

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