Seriously!? Strangers Blurt Out The Most BIZARRE Comments When They See Cancer Patients

It’s astounding what can come out of people’s mouths! It’s seems like all sense of decency flies out the window when people see someone who looks differently than they expected, and cancer patients know this all too well. From unwanted remarks about their hair (or lack thereof) to unasked-for opinions about how to cope, comments run the gamut from slightly distasteful to practically insane. Seriously, people?! SERIOUSLY?

It really begs the question: what are these random strangers thinking when they say these kinds of things?

For the breast cancer patient in this video, inappropriate questions and comments are all too familiar. Here, she rattles off a list of random things that have been said to her by people—most of whom were complete strangers!—since she’s been diagnosed.

It’s amusing to listen to some of the baffling comments she gets; but it’s also disheartening that cancer patients like her have to hear stuff like this in addition to fighting off a deadly illness. Perhaps by speaking out against the unbelievable things that are said to her, she can create awareness and remind people to think before speaking. (And give us a bewildered chuckle in the meantime.)

Take a look! Have you heard any of these things before? What are some other crazy things that have been said to you?

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