I Laughed So Hard at This Video! You’ve Gotta Watch It!

Ellen has made no mystery of her support for the fight against breast cancer. Her show has been filled with all sorts of interesting interviews and silly activities to help raise awareness for this important cause! And we couldn’t be more grateful for the way she is supporting such a wonderful cause.

This hilarious video is just one more example of Ellen’s innovative (and hilarious) approach to raising awareness of breast cancer!

In the video, a man and a woman play a side-splittingly funny game called “Stuff Your Cups.” They’ve never played before and don’t even know what game they were going to be playing until Ellen presents them each with a bra (let’s hope she’s got the right size!) and instructs them to stuff it with as much money as possible.

The catch? That money isn’t going to be easy to grab!

The most surprising part is how much they end up with at the end! This is so cool! Shout out to JCPenney for giving their level-best to the breast cancer fight as well!

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