Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month With a Halloween Scare

This year there is a way to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Halloween at the same time. Depending on your town, your local haunted house might donate some proceeds to help the fight against breast cancer.

Here are a few participating spooky attractions:

North Carolina
If you live in Greensboro, N.C., attend the Terror for Ta-Tas event. It's in its fifth year and supports the survivors treated at Cone Health, according to Current breast cancer patients are encouraged to attend and can speak with survivors. The event takes place at the Woods of Terror haunted house on Oct. 11 and tickets cost $15 to $35.

According to the Press-Enterprise, a family in Corona, Calif., is hosting a special haunted house. It's set to be open during the weekends beginning Oct. 18. They will charge $5 for admission and the proceeds (after expenses) will benefit breast cancer research.

The Hysteria Haunted House at Madison Square mall in Huntsville, Ala., will donate $1 from each ticket sold to the Liz Hurley Breast Cancer Fund. It's open on select days through Nov. 3 and costs $15 to enter.

Is your town not represented here? Check local listings for a haunted house supporting breast cancer awareness this month. If there aren't any, make a phone call and encourage the holiday attraction to do so.

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