Support Breast Cancer Awareness While You Drive

Proponents of breast cancer awareness are always trying to spread the word. With the fast-paced life of most Americans, it's easy for women to forget to get their yearly mammogram. This is exactly why some groups are try to promote the message anywhere they can – even on license plates.

According to Providence ABC affiliate WLNE, breast cancer survivor Joelle Fournier and the people behind the Gloria Gemma Foundation encouraged Rhode Island lawmakers to approve ribbon of hope license plates. These vehicle markers cost $41.50 with $20 being donated the Women's Cancer Screening program.

Other states have similar programs – Florida's End Breast Cancer license plates cost an extra $30, with $25 going to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.

Pennsylvania motorists can pick up a $34 specialty pink ribbon plate. The PA Breast Cancer Coalition receives a $10 donation from these sales. Massachusetts residents can pay an extra $40 for their breast cancer license plate and $28 will go to the Zaniboni Breast Cancer Research Fund at Tufts Medical Center.

Check your state to see if a breast cancer awareness license plate is offered. If it isn't, you may want to team up with a local organization and begin talks with lawmakers asking them to offer it to residents.

Provide Mammograms

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