Support Group Educates African American Women on Breast Cancer Risks

African-American women are less likely to develop breast cancer than white women, according to the American Cancer Society. However, black women have a higher mortality rate from the disease. This is due to lack of knowledge about the severity of breast cancer and what the steps are to protect yourself and detect it early. So select groups are targeting members of the African American community in a hope to solve the disparity.

According to the Portland Observer, the Sisters Network breast cancer awareness group, is expanding to the Oregon and southwest Washington areas. This northwest spinoff will hold meetings every second Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Key Delta Community Center in Portland, Ore.

The Sisters Network is the largest national African American survivorship organization in operation. It has 43 affiliate chapters that work to provide support and resources to help women through their breast cancer journey. They also teach those who haven’t been diagnosed the information they need to stay protected. The group also offers a social network where women can connect and learn more about breast cancer.

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