Nervous About Having Drains After Surgery? You Need to See This.

One of the many not-so-fun fun parts about having surgery for breast cancer, whether it be for a mastectomy or a reconstruction surgery, is the fluid that must find someplace to go afterward so it doesn’t collect near the incision site and cause problems with healing. Many doctors will put in drains that allow fluid to escape from the body into small plastic bulbs.

This process allows for better recovery but can make some patients uncomfortable. The thought of having tubes inside one’s body that are connected to the outside makes many patients a little nervous. They just seem like a sort of cumbersome and high-maintenance things to have to deal with after surgery.

But never fear! A lovely lady named Bari is here to show you that having drains isn’t as big a deal as you might think.

In the first video, Bari shows us her drains and explains what her daily routine is like with them in. Although she’s excited to get them taken out later, she admits that they’re really not painful, just a little annoying.

In this next video, Bari gives us a special peek into what it’s like to get your drains taken out. The procedure is pretty quick and simple. Plus, Bari’s adorable dogs make a guest appearance!

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