Think That A Double Mastectomy Is Always More Effective Than A Lumpectomy? Think Again.

In 2014, the Journal Of The American Medical Association published a study concerning the surgical options that are most effective for women with breast cancer. The study followed 189,000 women with breast cancer in California for a period of ten years. During that time, 55% of them had lumpectomies, 40% had one breast removed, and 5% had both breasts removed. The results show that women who underwent a double mastectomy didn’t have a better survival rate compared to women who opted for a lumpectomy followed by radiation.

Although the difference in mortality rates between the two is not statistically significant, double mastectomies have increased significantly in the past several years. In 1998, only 2% of women opted for a double mastectomy; by 2011, that number had risen to 12.3%.

(It’s important to note that a double mastectomy can be a better option for some women, especially those with a high risk of the disease, like carriers of the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations. As always, consult your doctor and get a second opinion.)

Where does a unilateral mastectomy rate? Watch the video to learn more!

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