Interested In Getting Nipple Tattoos After Reconstruction? Come Along With Caitlin On Her Journey And See What It’s Like!

After her breast cancer diagnosis, Caitlin Keirnan had a lumpectomy, then chemo, and then a double mastectomy. Now for her final breast change, she’s off to Maryland to “get a Vinnie.”

Vinnie Myers is a well-known tattoo artist who specializes in nipple tattoos. His practice is based out of Finksburg, Maryland, and we previously posted a video about him here.

Vinnie’s practice performs between 1,500 to 2,000 nipple tattoos a year — and that’s the most they can fit in. Several years ago, Vinnie considered stopping this type of work because it was taking over everything else he was doing. But the day he was going to bring it up to the other guys was the day his sister called him to tell him she had been diagnosed with breast cancer — which Vinnie took as a sign.

Learn more about Caitlin’s journey and Vinnie’s artistry in the following clip, and watch as Caitlin gets her tattoos done!

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