Swimmers Launch Event to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

A group of swimmers at Tennessee Aquatics hosted an event called Breast for Breasts, according to Swim Swam. The goal was to raise money for the quest to find a cure for breast cancer. People from all over the community came out to support and watch swimmers complete the breaststroke. Molly Hannis and Brad Craig are part of the 2013 national team of swimmers and were there to show their support.

Tennessee Aquatics Coach Matt Kredich’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months prior to the event. And with the help of Marshall Goldman, they led the group of other swimmers in the breaststroke. In total, 160 people, young and old, attended the event. The swimming clinic raised $14,000 from the range of teams that supported the effort.

The aquatics club is funded by the University of Tennessee Medical Center. The institution helps 3,000 people and provides 700 mammograms each year. Additionally, the school’s cancer institute offers free breast health education classes that focus on screening guidelines, warning signs and proper self-exam technique. Also, there is a mobile mammography unit that travels through East Tennessee. Its state-of-the-art equipment helps give access to this testing to women in need.

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