You’ve Never Seen Synchronized Swimming Like This Before!

You’ve probably seen synchronized swimming on TV before, but we can almost guarantee you’ve never seen it quite like this. Most of us have only seen it from the crowd’s perspective, but what is it like from the swimmers’ point of view?

In the video below, parts of a synchronized swimming routine are recorded from under the water, where most of the real work takes place. The swimmers’ bodies are contorted into some of the strangest shapes you’ve ever seen in order to make what happens above the water look seamless and effortless. It’s hard to believe some of the ways these women are capable of moving.

As if that isn’t intriguing enough, this video is also filmed with an inverted camera, so what’s actually upside-down looks as though it’s right-side-up. The swimmers are underwater, but they look like they’re defying gravity above the waves.

I wish the synchronized swimming in the Olympics was filmed from this angle. Check out the video below to see the fascinating moves for yourself!

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